How to Trick-Or-Treat While Social Distancing

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I’ve heard so many people lately asking “will Halloween be canceled this year?”.

With the Pandemic and social distancing requirements, how can trick or treating still happen and everyone stay safe?

Luckily, Halloween isn’t canceled!

Even if trick-or-treating ends up not happening in your neighborhood, there are all sorts of ways to still make Halloween special, although a bit different.

Plus, there is nothing stopping you from decorating for Halloween this year. This might be the year to go all out on decorations.

I live in a small town and we are already having discussions in our town on how to not cancel Halloween this year.

Some good thoughts and points that have been brought up are that not everyone has social media, so if something is changed drastically compared to how trick-or-treating was last year, not everyone will know.

Kids are kids and they will be outside, even if things are changed.

Part of the fun of Halloween is everyone seeing all the kids dressed up. The elderly won’t be able to do some of the following ideas and if they’ve been stuck inside their home, seeing the kids walking around dressed up can brighten their spirits.

Here are some ideas to keep everyone safe while trick-or-treating this year.

Social Distancing Trick-Or-Treating Ideas

Yeet the Treats

This is an idea being thrown around. With Yeet the Treats, kids don’t walk up to doors, but instead stay on the sidewalk and candy is tossed to them.

Drive By Candy Throwing

With this idea the kids stay in their yards and people who normally hand out candy drive around and throw their candy to the kids.

If you do this idea, make sure you have a driver and a passenger. The passenger is the one who should be throwing out the candy.

6′ PVC Pipe

With this one, the kids walk through the neighborhood and when they visit you, they place their treat bag under the pipe and you insert their candy on the other side.

You’ll be able to maintain the 6′ of social distancing with trick or treaters.

Non-Candy Halloween Parade

No handing out candy, but instead the kids can dress up and walk around looking at the homes decorated for Halloween.

Drive Way Trunk or Treat

The idea with this one is to limit the amount of close contact the kids have. Normally, at least in our area the walkways up to the houses and the front patios get congested with kids.

With a driveway trunk or treat, you set up a station at the base of your driveway near the sidewalk. You hand out the candy to the kids.

With this one, there aren’t a million little hands touching the doorbell, etc.

Inside Your Home Trick-Or-Treating

Everyone goes into separate rooms and closes the door, then the kids go through and knock of each door to trick-or-treat.

If you have a large family or if you have a couple people or families you are still maintaining contact with, this is a great way to not come into contact with households that you don’t normally come into contact with.

Grab & Go Table

Setup a table (under a canopy if you are in an area where rain is likely) with little bags of candy on it. Kids can “grab & go”. You can have your own station setup with a chair further up your yard or driveway to watch from a distance.

Another idea very similar to this one is to have candy spread out on the table. Same idea that the kids can grab a piece and keep moving.

Have you figured out how you are handling trick-or-treating this year?

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