How to Make Halloween Ghost Lollipops

3 Ghost lollipops in bucket
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Anyone else remember getting ghost lollipops around Halloween as a kid?  

I remember getting them while trick or treating and from school parties.  

They were simple and cute and as it turns out, are so super easy to make!

There are a few different ways to make ghost lollipops for Halloween, you can use tissue or napkins, but for these coffee filters were used. 

By using coffee filters it makes them cheap to make and they can be made in minutes.  These ghost lollipops are perfect if you need to make up a bunch for a class Halloween party and need something cute and simple to bring.

Ghost Lollipop with 3 other tootsie rolls on the right side of the picture

How to Make Ghost Lollipops

To make these you just need 4 simple supplies – lollipops, coffee filters, bakers twine or you can also use ribbon, and you need a black marker.

two rolls of twine - one black and white and the other orange and white at the top of the screen, a pile of white coffee filters to the left of the twine, and four tootsie roll pops below the twine.

Each ghost will use two coffee filters to make it.   So, take two coffee filters and flatten them, then wrap them around the top of one lollipop.

tootsie roll pop with coffee filter over the top and pushed in at the bottom of the tootsie pop.  a couple tootsie roll pops to the right

Use the bakers twine or ribbon and loop it around the coffee filters and the lollipop stick just below the lollipop and tie it at the base of the lollipop.

tootsie roll pop with coffee filter around top and tied with both black & white and orange & black twine.  3 tootsie roll pops to the right.

Now, use the black marker and draw a face onto the ghost.

That’s it – super easy and quick!

complete ghost lollipop with three tootsie roll pops to the right

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