36 Super Fun Experience Gifts for Kids

Gift Suggestions For Kids
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I love having my kids experience as many different activities and experiences as possible. Unfortunately, 3 boys and my budget don’t allow us to be exploring as often as we’d like. So, I love to gift them kids experience gifts.

Experience gifts are such a great gift idea for kids who have everything and they don’t have to be expensive.  Some of these are really reasonably priced.

Plus, as a bonus, they don’t take up any space most of the time. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like my house is overrun by “stuff”. So a present that my kid will love and won’t add clutter is awesome.

If you are looking for a deal, check out Groupon.  You might be surprised at how many options they have for experience gift ideas.

So, let’s get on with these adventure gifts:

Super Fun Experience Gifts for Kids


I think iFly is nationwide (US), but it is an indoor skydiving place. 

My kids had a field trip here last year and everybody loved it. Some of the parents flew as well as all the kids.

Horseback riding

girl riding white horse

Many kids dream of owning their own horse that they can ride whenever they want.  Why not give them the next best thing, which is horseback riding.

There are many different ways to do this, from signing up the child for horseback riding lessons to just doing a one-time horseback ride.

If you choose to do a one-time ride there are many different options from a ride on the beach, to trail riding in the woods.

Sometimes you can find a Groupon for a stable in your local area.


We have a friend who had a paintball party as his gift.  This was a great way for him to play with his friends.

Many times paintball places also have the option to do a lower impact paintball.  If you want the lower impact, you need to make sure to call and ask if they have it.

Laser tag

Laser Tag is one of the interesting game

Laser tag is a game enjoyed by most kids.

If you aren’t familiar with laser tag, everyone wears a backpack with a laser gun attached to it.  The backpack also has the ability to recognize when it has been hit with one of the other laser guns.  The group is split into 2 teams.  If your group doesn’t have enough people for 2 teams, then your group will be one team and play against another group team.

When we’ve gone in the past, there has been a choice of games we could play from a capture the flag type game to just hitting the opponent as much as possible.

Waterpark or Swimming Pool

boy in swimming goggles swimming underwater in pool

Waterparks are a ton of fun for kids!  Even the local pool seems to have expanded by adding lazy rivers or waterslides in recent years.

Rock Climbing Gym

Kid Climbing Rock Gym

Rock climbing can be so much fun.

We have a somewhat local rock gym that has not only the rock climbing for older kids but some play area/obstacle course for younger kids.

The experience with rock climbing can be either a lesson, a pass or a one time visit.

Snow Skiing or Snowboarding

Kiddo In A Snow Land

Lessons for snowboarding or skiing might be really great for a kid who loves the snow.  Or even tickets to go up and spent some time on the mountain.

Snow Tubing

Baby Girl Enjoying Snow Tubing

If your gift recipient isn’t into snowboarding or skiing or you know they aren’t going to want to try snow tubing.

A lot of the mountains have a snow tubing park and I think most of them might be a different park than the skiing ones.

Ice Skating or Roller Skating

Kids Doing Ice Skating Together

I’m not sure how many kids go ice skating or roller skating anymore, but it’s still fun for them to do.  They might enjoy putting on a pair of skates or ice skate on and trying to get around the rink.


Boy enjoy playing arcade

Have you seen some of the games that are out right now?

My kids love this one game where it is flat and is more like a huge tablet.  You try to catch fish and get points (aka tickets) for the fish you catch and how hard they are to catch.

Zip Lining

Zip Lining for kids

Some kids love zip lining.   Others not so much.  So be sure the kiddo you are gifting this to is OK with heights.

Train Ride

Children are love to travel train ride

Riding the train is so much fun and not something that is done fairly often.

I live in the Portland, Oregon area and riding the train up to Seattle to something that so much fun to do.

You take an early train and then explore Seattle when you get there.  Take the train back that afternoon/evening and it’s been a long, fun day.

Check out the train schedule where you live and see which destinations are far enough away that you don’t go there very often, but close enough that you could take the train to and explore as well as get back in the same day.

Marine Boat Tour

Marine Boat Tour For kids

If you live near the coast, check into gifting a marine boat tour.

I live in Oregon, a couple hours from the coast.  We have whales part of the year, so if you can plan the marine boat tour during this season you have a good chance of seeing whales while on the tour.

So, check out what marine life is on your coast and when they are there.  If you plan on giving the experience of a marine tour, make sure to plan it to be when your chance of seeing this wildlife is higher.

Trampoline Place

Kids Trampoline Place

There are several trampoline places around our area.

The one we’ve been to has a TON of trampolines.  They have a section where the trampolines are all connected together, a basketball course on the trampoline, a couple pits you jump into from the trampoline and a few other areas.

As a heads up – there can be a lot of injuries here, probably more so than the majority of the other options.

Art Museum

kids at Art Museum

If the child you are gifting to is into art, a visit to the art museum might be very enjoyable to them.

Our museum has exhibited several cool exhibits.  The most recent one being Laika (the movie company that put out Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings, etc.).  They had a lot of the props they use for creating their movies on display.

Look into the art museums near you and see what they have on exhibit.


A play is another good option for kids who like art.

Survival Skill Organization

I don’t know about your kids, but my oldest son would be all over this if he was gifted this.

Check to see if you have any survival skill organizations near you.  They might offer some classes such as iron-forging classes or fire-baked potter workshops.  There are so many different classes they offer and the right kid will absolutely love this!

Pottery, clay, drawing or painting classes

Girl enjoying your pottery doing session

If you have a cultural center near you, look to see if they offer art classes.

Our local cultural center has some really cool pottery and clay classes for kids.  All of my kids are taking them right now and absolutely love these classes.


Girl Learning Archery

My kids all love going to the archery range.

We used to live down the road from a store that had an archery range inside.  This store offered lessons and would have open times when target practicing. They also offered punch cards. So you could buy a set of 10 visits to the archery range. All the equipment was included in the rental.

Escape Room

Fun play with Escape Room

I don’t know if they had these around when we were kids.

My kids love doing escape rooms.

If you aren’t familiar with these, basically you are locked in a room and have to solve clues in order to open the door to leave.


Kid enjoying Bowling

Bowling is always fun!

Many times bowling alleys have cosmic bowling where the lights are dimmed and just the lanes are lit up.

Mini Golf

Little boy playing Mini Golf

Mini putt putt golf is another activity that is always fun!

Some places have the glow in the dark mini putt as well.

A small plane or helicopter tour

Kids having a helicopter tour

As someone who gets motion sickness fairly easily, I would only recommend this if the gift recipient doesn’t get motion sick.

If they are good with flying and such, this would be an awesome experience for them.

Falconry experience

Check and see if this is something that you have near you if you have a kiddo who loves wildlife and this is something that would interest them.

We haven’t done this, but it is on my bucket list of experiences I want for my kids.  I have a couple friends who have done this experience and they rave about it!

Glass Fusion Class

Another experience on my bucket list of experiences for my kids.

I know people who have taken one of these classes and the pieces they make are truly works of art and they absolutely loved making them.


Kids in Kayaking

Kayaking is a lot of fun for kids.

You can rent kayaks for a day for fairly cheap and then spend the day putting around a lake or on a river.

Children’s Museum or a Science Museum

The Children’s museum as well of science museums are always great fun for kids!

So many hands on activities.


If you have a great zoo nearby, this is another great experience gift.

White Water Rafting

If your kiddo is super adventurous this is great fun!

There are different levels for white water rafting depending on the how rough the rapids are, so if your kids are super adventurous, but love water one of the lower levels might still be enjoyable for them.

Sluicing for gold or Gem/Rock Mining

This is another super fun activity if your kids are into geology at all.

This is location dependent, so check your area to see if it has something like this.


Another fun adventure for kids who enjoy exploring.

I’ve done a few different spelunking tours and they’ve all been fun.

Scuba Lessons/Snorkeling

A Girl Learning Scuba Lessons

If your kid is a decent swimmer and enjoys the water, scuba diving might be an enjoyable activity for them.

I had to include snorkeling as well.

I’ve done both scuba diving and snorkeling and by far enjoy snorkeling more.  I’ve never felt comfortable scuba diving and I personally have to fight with my anxiety while scuba diving.

Snorkeling I can totally enjoy, I know I just need to raise my head and I am out of the water and it is not anxiety-inducing for me.

My husband, on the other hand, has no problem with scuba diving, but he is a lot better swimmer than I am and he also doesn’t have anxiety as I do.

Knowing my kids, I have one kid who probably won’t like scuba diving and two would be all over it and love it.  So, make sure you know the kid you are gifting scuba to. Most places have an age limit of 12 and above for scuba diving. So, for younger kids snorkeling is the way to go!

Monster Truck Rally

If a monster truck rally is up your child’s alley, check to see if any are coming to town soon.

Dune Buggy Ride

This would be if you are near a beach with dunes.

Dune buggy rides can be so fun and kids really enjoy it.

Surfing Lessons

Kid learning Surfing Lessons

And another experience that requires you to be near the beach.

Surfing can be a lot of fun for a water-loving kiddo.

Paint a Memory Store

I don’t know exactly what this is called, but there is a store around here that is called Paint a Memory.

Basically, it is a store that you go in, pick out a piece of pottery (animals, plate, mug, etc) and the price of the pottery includes the painting and firing of it.

We did this years ago with my nephew and he absolutely loved this.

I hope these have given you some great activities to use as an experience gift for kids.

If you are wanting to save money on your activity gift, again make sure to check out Groupon.  You might be surprised at how many experience gifts you can find on there.

If you have a favorite experience gift that I didn’t list, please let me know in the comments below.

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