19 Super Cute Elf on the Shelf Clothes

elf on the shelf clothes - elf in super hero costume "flying" in the air
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If your household is anything like ours, then the Elf comes and helps bring some magic to the Christmas season.  Having an Elf on the Shelf at home is so much fun!

On top of setting him up in silly scenes or helping her get into mischief, you can also have a blast with all the adorable Elf on the Shelf clothes, outfits, and accessories available for your elf.

There are so many fun ones to choose from – from a tropical Hawaiian shirt complete with lei to an elf apron with mixing bowl and wooden spoon.

If you’re searching for a cute way to dress up your elf throughout the holiday season, you’ll love these cute Elf on the Shelf outfits you need this Christmas.

Heads up – these clothes do not come with the elf on the shelf doll.  If you don’t already have one, make sure to grab one.

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Elf on the Shelf Clothes

There are so many cute clothing options for your elf. Which one is your favorite?

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