22 Beautiful DIY Halloween Wreaths to Make Today

Collage of 4 Different DIY Halloween Wreaths - top left wreath is white gauze wreath with 2 spiders, a coffin lid with RIP on it and the letter B-O-O, top right is a wreath with black netting, a top hat, two skeleton hands holding a sign that says "ELM ST", bottom left is a wreath of black, orange and green balls with a large purple spider web in the center and a black spider on the web, the bottom right has a picture of a wreath made of out of black and white ribbon and a skull in the center
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Decorating your home for Halloween can be so much fun. And whether you love to deck out your entire house in spooky décor or just add a few pieces to your existing décor, hanging a holiday wreath is a great way to decorate each season.

I love how just hanging a wreath on your front door makes your house feel so much more festive.  Plus, there are so many different wreaths out there that it is easy to make the “feel” of your wreath match what you are trying to do with your decor.

If you want to keep the front of your home looking elegant, it’s easy to find wreaths that don’t have characters on them and add to the elegance.  Or, you can find scary wreaths to add to help give a spooky feeling to visitors.

I know it’s easy to be intimidated by creating a DIY Halloween wreath, but it can literally take about 5 minutes to create if you choose an easy to make wreath.  Most of the DIY wreaths take a bit longer to create, with the average between 15-45 minutes.  Some of the more complicated ones can take up to an hour or more to create.

If this is your first time making your own wreath, I’d suggest starting with an easy wreath that isn’t too complicated.  I know anytime I create something new, it always takes me a bit longer to create than I plan.

Welcome your guests to your home in style this season with one of these awesome DIY Halloween wreaths you can make today.

DIY Halloween Wreaths

Let me know what your favorite wreath is in the comments below.

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