Best Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas

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Here are some of the best Christmas ornament storage ideas to keep your fragile and glass ornaments safe when not in use.

My favorite part of decorating for Christmas is pulling out my beautiful tree ornaments.

Unwrapping each one is like opening a present!

However, I’ve never had a great storage method for my ornaments – I wrap them in paper towels, scraps of fabric, and bubble wrap, store them wrapped in paper lunch bags, and just hope for the best that they remain protected.

After looking into other Christmas ornament storage ideas, I think it’s time to do some shopping.

There are so many amazing – and safe! – storage methods for Christmas ornaments!

Best Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas:

Here are a few favorites we are considering.

Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Safely store up to 64 of your keepsake ornaments in this well-padded, three-layer ornament storage box.

The box has cardboard dividers that can easily be rearranged and moved to accommodate different sizes of ornaments.

A zippered top helps keep out dust and dirt, and the box collapses flat for easy storage when not in use!

Classic Accessories Seasons Christmas Tree Ornament Organizer

This adorable, festive storage box holds up to 60 ornaments in three layers of corrugated cardboard ornament trays.

This box also has adjustable dividers that can be moved to fit a variety of ornaments.

The trays have ribbon handles for easy moving and packing, and the easy-view window lid allows you to see which ornament box you’re working with. 

Snapware Snap ‘n Stack 3-Tier Seasonal Ornament Storage Container

This 13×13 inch plastic box is essentially a tupperware container for your ornaments!

Use the cardboard dividers to separate ornaments and keep them safe and protected.

The handled lid makes for easy carrying and transport.

Sterilite Christmas Ornament Case

This heavy-duty box holds 20 ornaments in individual compartments which keep them from rolling around or breaking. The snap latch lid ensures that everything stays secure, and the cases easily stack for additional storage. 

nGenius Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Drawers

Don’t feel like dealing with stacking layers of ornaments?

This great storage box has drawers that pull out for each layer instead of stacking them on top of each other!

This option holds 27 large ornaments with adjustable cardboard dividers. 

Koogel Drawer Organizer

Want to adapt a regular old cardboard box – or rubbermaid container – into an ornament box?

Grab a few of these drawer dividers to keep ornaments safe and separated!

Just stick a layer of cardboard in between each ornament layer for added protection.

Final Thoughts on Storage for Christmas Tree Ornaments

Whether you have a few ornaments or a few hundred ornaments, these storage methods are sure to keep your keepsakes safe and sound when they’re not in use.

Each option is carefully constructed so that you can safely pack them away in your garage, basement, or attic and not worry about a thing!

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