Christmas Light Storage Ideas

Jumbled Christmas Lights
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Here are some of the best Christmas light storage ideas, so your strands of lights stay safe, even when not in use.

Christmas lights! They’re a pain to put up, a blast to enjoy, and then the worst part – taking the lights down and trying to figure out how best to stash them until next year.

Luckily, you don’t have to shove them in a garbage bag anymore – these days, there are tons of great Christmas light storage options! Here are a few favorites.

Christmas Light Storage Ideas

Whitmor Christmas Light Storage Bags Set of 2

If you’re looking for something a little more economical, this set of two storage bags has a total of 8 spools, each of which hold a strand of 100 lights.

The bags have an easy, zippered top with helpful side handles.

Each bag is fairly compact, measuring 9.1 by 11.8 inches, so they’ll easily fit in any tight storage space! 

Classic Accessories Seasons Holiday Lights Storage Duffel

This practical – and cute! – storage tote holds up to a total of 400 feet of large lights on four separate light winders.

The winders have handles on both ends for quick and painless winding, and the bag boasts three removable (and moveable) padded dividers to allow for a variety of storage options.

The bag has an adorable holly berry pattern that will look great wherever you store your lights! 

HOMZ Light Organizer Holiday Plastic Storage Container

This is such a neat option!

You can organize and store all of your Christmas lights and extension cords in this heavy-duty storage box.

The box contains four plastic light strand holders, each of which hold a 200 bulb strand – making the box hold a total of 800 bulbs!

I love this option because it allows you to organize different colored light strands separately.

Additionally, the box has a side handles to allow for easy grabbing, along with a clear card slot for labeling purposes! 


This storage bag features three reels on which to wind your lights, keeping them organized, separated, and tangle-free!

Made of durable, waterproof polyester, this bag is easy to carry (thanks to comfortable handles) and zips up tight to protect your lights from dust, dirt, and bugs. 

Woods Heavy Duty Cord Storage Wheel

While not manufactured specifically for Christmas lights, this cheap and effective extension cord spool can do the trick!

Simple attach the end of your light strand, and wind it up neatly along the spool.

Stick the spool in your garage, attic, basement, or wherever you store your holiday goodies!

Paper Towel Roll

pyramid of paper towel rolls

Last but not least, for an extremely economical option, simply wrap your Christmas lights around a cardboard paper towel roll!

It’s cheap, you’re going to recycle it anyway, and you know you have one in the house!

It’s not the most stable or protected option though, so you only want to go with this option if you’re in a pinch.


Every year, I just roll my lights around my arm and then stick them into a bag with other Christmas decorations.

Researching for this post has opened my eyes to what incredible options there are for light storage! I don’t know about you, but I’ll be purchasing one of these ASAP to store my lights in!

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