Best Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Ideas

Disassembled artificial Christmas tree
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Here are some great artificial Christmas tree storage ideas, perfect for storing your Christmas tree nice and neatly for the next holiday season.

How do you store your artificial Christmas tree in the off-season?

We currently use a pretty old artificial tree that was passed on from another family member. The original box is long gone and we store this in what I can only imagine is a 20 year-old Rubbermaid storage box that no longer snaps closed.

It never occurred to me that other storage options out there!

Once I started looking into artificial Christmas tree storage totes, bags, and boxes, I realized how incredibly helpful so many of these are – and none of them break the bank!

If you are wondering how to store your Christmas tree, check out these different storage options. It’s amazing how many there actually are out there.

Here are a few great options at a variety of price points.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Ideas

There are a lot of questions people have when trying to figure out the best options for storing your Christmas tree. Here are some of the most common ones:

9 Foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag

This heavy duty, extra large waterproof bag can store a 9 foot Christmas tree (disassembled).

It zips up easily to keep out dust, dirt, and bugs – and, thanks to the strong handles, it is super easy to carry and store!

The bag measures 65 inches long by 15 inches wide and 30 inches high.

If you have a smaller tree, you can easily also store garlands and lights as well!

Primode Holiday Tree Storage Bag

This bag’s strong, tear-proof polyester construction easily holds a 9 foot Christmas tree (disassembled) and anything else you want to pack in with it!

The bag measures 65 inches long by 20 inches wide by 25 inches high, and also features a strong handle, a full-length zipper, and a handy plastic card compartment on the outside to label your bag!

Primode Rolling Tree Storage Bag

This sleek bag comes in either red *or* green, and has an exceptional feature – wheels!

That’s right, you can easily pull this large, durable storage bag like a suitcase.

Like the others, this bag is also large enough to hold a disassembled 9 foot Christmas tree.

Red Upright Tree Storage Bag

The only thing better than a Christmas tree storage bag?

A bag that you can just pull up over the tree while leaving it fully assembled!

This holiday tree storage bag folds down and stores under your Christmas tree skirt so you make sure you’ll never misplace it.

When the holiday season comes to a close, just roll it back up over your tree!

6 Foot Upright Foyer Tree Storage Bag

This is a great storage option for smaller trees and topiaries under 6 feet.

You can leave your tree assembled – and decorated – to store upright in this bag that even fits around the base of the tree!

The bag is made of durable canvas and polyester, and fully zips around the tree!

Additionally, the reinforced handles allow you to carry the tree bag easily.

Paula Deen Christmas Tree Storage Organizer & Storage Container

If you’re looking for cute *and* practical, this patterned bag is the one for you!

Made of super durable, stain-resistant polyester, this bag is large enough for a disassembled 9 foot tree and any garlands or lights you can fit!

This bag features both wheels and a skid plate for easy transportation to the garage, attic, or basement. 

With so many awesome Christmas tree storage options, there’s no excuse to keep your tree in a garbage bag or decades-old Rubbermaid container! Which one strikes your fancy?

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