About Me

Hey Fellow Christmassy Time Fanatic!

Welcome to my place to talk all about celebrating the holidays!

My name is Jenny and I grew up with Christmas and other holidays being such a fun and magical time in my life and love to pass that feeling of magic on to my kids and share it with others.

I think holidays traditions are a great way to add something to your year that is special and makes great memories.

Currently, the holidays traditions in our house include:

  • Reading and building Gingerbread Pirates
  • Decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving
  • Acquiring a special new tree ornament – either by making our own or picking out one at the store
  • Visiting with Santa
  • Seeing Grandparents and cousins around the holidays with get togethers
  • Watching certain Christmas Movies (Elf, The Christmas Story, Home Alone, and The Santa Claus are our must watch holiday movies, but we watch a lot more than this each year)
  • Advent Calendar to count down the days to Christmas each year
  • Special extended stay visit from The Elf.
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I’ve found we add and drop holiday traditions over the years depending on if my kids are past the age of enjoyment. I am a big believer in doing what works for you.

And as much as I love elaborate, over the top stuff – if it requires a lot of effort or time on my part, I find that it doesn’t get done. So, the simpler and easier to make the holidays special – the better.

And I’m talking a lot about Christmas, but we love Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Easter in my house as well.

As my kids get older they are enjoying the scary aspect of Halloween a lot more. Plus, they are wanting to decorate our house not so cutesy Halloweeny, but more scary/creepy decorations. Which is a ton of fun to plan out!

So, I hope you take a look around and check out my site.